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Welcome to my homepage, I am very pleased about your interest in my professional activities.

I am currently working as a professor for economics at the University of Siegen. My research focusses on analyzing price-setting behavior (and the resulting macroeconomic implications) with respect to several dimensions. In doing so, I mostly use micro price data. Moreover, I am interested in the interactions of local banking markets and regional economic developments with a focus on the economic dynamics of SMEs (please see the menu items "Curriculum vitae" and "Research" for more detailed information on my professional background and research).

Closely elated to my research activities, I am engaged in three major, fairly diverse academic/policy-related initiatives (called "projects" on this site). These projects aim at (i) providing improved and enriched measures of inflation on a global scale (the World Price Monitor), (ii) catalyzing the use of scanner price (and related micro data) for macroeconomic (broadly defined) purposes (MIGGPROPRICES) and (iii) organizing a platform for the exchange of views on SME related topics from an academic, policy- and practitioner-related point of view  (the SME Policy Forum).

Other professional activities (such as policy-related writings and former activities such as the organization of the conference "The ECB and Its Watchers") are presented under the menu item "Other activities".

If you have any questions, comments or requests please feel free to contact me under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.